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Statistics shows we spend 49% of our lifetime at home, 40% of it on our furnishings. No wonder they absorb most of the allergens, dirt and bacteria in our places. They act as “air filter” and as such, they need to be maintained and professionally cleaned minimum once a year. Upholstered couches often get overlooked when it comes to cleaning, but it makes sense to keep them as clean as any other item that you come into contact with. Couches, cushions and chairs all absorb dust, dirt and allergens and benefit from regular cleaning just like your towels and sheets. We are proud to state that 777CLEAN™ PROs remove 99.2% of it leaving it your furniture in almost as good condition as it was when you first bought it. Serving Brisbane and Brisbaneland and trusted by hundreds of household, we will be happy to assist you with a free quote.


Let us take care of:

  • Your couch, loveseats and chairs
  • Removal of pet stains, hair and odors – we specialize in pet odors
  • Your Car interior cleaning
  • Advise and assistance to ensure future protection of your soft furnishings


Why 777CLEAN™?

Easy, because we care about you and we treat your home with respect. What Else?

  • You don’t have to do anything prior the cleaning. We will gently move the furniture if needed and put a protection underneath.
  • You don’t have to vacuum the upholstery. We will do that for you.
  • We use a multistage process to ensure maximum result
  • We are one of the few companies that offer quick and affordable service. No extra efforts and extra charges. We go straight to the point
  • We are prompt and always come on time.


How often should I get my furniture cleaned?

This is a tricky question but the rule of thumb should be at least once a year. If you have children and/or pets in your home, a more regular clean of your soft furnishings is recommended to avoid the growth of allergens and the spread of pollen, as well as to keep things looking their best. If you live in the Greater Brisbane area, the technicians at 777CLEAN™ can best advise you on:

  • The recommended scheduling of your soft furnishing cleaning in accordance with your lifestyle
  • The best stain protective solutions to ensure stains don’t grab to your fabrics
  • Child and pet safe alternatives to harsh chemical solutions
  • Odor removal
  • Moisture removal


Need other kinds of interiors professionally cleaned?

Sure, we do Leather Furniture, Mattresses and Car Upholstery. When it comes to cleaning anything fabric-based in the Brisbane area, 777CLEAN™ cleaning is the go-to. We have a team that can do the job and exceed your expectations! Call our dedicated 24/7 customer service line to get a free estimate.

Our Vouchers

1. What’s the fastest and most effective cleaning method?

Hot Water Extraction! Hot Water Extraction is the advanced and more powerful version of Steam Cleaning. Some companies still use the old steam cleaning machines, but the pressure (PSI) and vacuum pumps are way not enough for lifting the dirt from deep within to the surface. Other companies use dry extraction or dry encapsulating compound, but our experience shows some of the dirt and bacteria remains in the upholstery. Thus we highly recommend Hot Water Extraction.

2. How long does the service take?

It usually takes between 30 minutes and 1 hr. Sometimes, we need to clean the furniture couple of times in order to make sure the dirt is extracted. If it is heavily soiled or haven’t been maintained for a while it might need to be done a few times.

3. What method of cleaning do you use?
  1. Professional assessment of the material of the upholstery, PH and relevant method to clean it.
  2. Deep Vacuuming
  3. Stain removal and special attention to the edges of the furniture
  4. Spraying with a gentle non-toxic emulsifier
  5. Grooming so the emulsifier penetrates dissolves the dirt
  6. Hot Water extraction with a neutral detergent (commonly known as Steam cleaning)
  7. Post-Vacuuming which aims to clear out small particles left after steam cleaning
4. Do I need to vacuum it before the service?

Not at all. We will do that for you.

5. Do you clean the cushions as part of the services?


6. What about the sides and the back of the furniture?

Yes, our price includes complete cleaning of the upholstery.

7. How long until the furniture is ready to use?

It takes between 3 and 6 hours for the furniture to be completely dry. Leaving the windows open (recommended minimum 15 minutes) will accelerate the proces.

It also depends if the place is a basement or over ground floor apartment.

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