Rug Cleaning

Rugs are a wonderful part of your interior design bringing colour and warmth in your home. They however often serve as a “filer” and gather dust, stains, blemishes and odour. Besides they get a huge underfoot workout each and every day. Don’t get disappointed – you can still have your lovely rug as clean and vivid as a brand new. Our team of professionals will ensure they are deeply steam cleaned and left spotless and free of dust.

Why your rug needs a special treatment?

People often consider cleaning the rugs the same as cleaning of the carpets. However, as professionals we know cleaning of rugs need to be tackled with the finest care and customised approach. In most cases rugs are not in any way made like modern carpets. Sometimes we even avoid hard brushing so that your funky modern rug or classy Persian rug are not damaged and are preserved bright coloured.

Why choose us?

  • With our advanced cleaning technology (HWE) we remove any kind of dirt, dust, and stains from all rug materials, as we pet stains, hair and odour.
  • We know how to treat different types of fibres, dyes, materials and construction to preserve the value and beauty of your rug – for the oriental and fine area rugs we use low moisture or dry cleaning approach.
  • We provide great value for money as you will receive our top service for the best price on the market.
  • 5 Star Service – Excellent quality, professionalism and customer care.
  • All inclusive service – vacuuming, deodoriser, sanitiser, fast™ drying.
  • Transparency. No hidden fees.
  • We provide same day service and 1h arrival time.

777CLEAN™ will provide you with the highest quality rug cleaning and rug repair while also providing the friendliest service possible. All you need to do is call to our dedicated customer service, get a quote and book with us.
If you need any further information on our cleaning technique and our biodegradable and child and pet-friendly solutions you customer service team will be there to help you.

Our Vouchers

1. What’s your method of cleaning?

The answer of this question depends on your rug. Majority of the rugs with a rubber or hard backing could be done with the standard Hot Water Extraction equipment. However if the backing is woven, then we are most probably talking about oriental or fine area rug. And for those delicate rugs, the risk of dye bleeding or pile damaging is significant. In those cases 777CLEAN™’s PROs use dry hot carbonating extraction or dry encapsulating compound. Technician decides on site.

2. Should I take immediate actions if I spill something on my rug?

Stains happen. A glass of wine or cordial or a cup of coffee can mean disaster to the look of a rug and most times, any attempt to remove the mark yourself will add to the mess. Two suggestions – use a dry colourless towel and gently absorb the spillage to avoid the stain to reach the bottom of the pile. Then give the professionals a call asap. Any day counts.

3. How long will it it take you to get my rug done?

That depends on the rug whether we will use HWE™, Low Moisture™ or Dry Cleaning method. It usually takes 20-40 minutes to have one rug between 100 and 200 square feet done. However, it might take up to 1 hour if therug is heavily soiled or hasn’t been cleaned for a while. What else takes time:

– Moving furniture
– Lifting the machine if there’s no lift in the building

4. Should I vacuum or move furniture before you start?

Don’t worry about it. We will move the light furniture like chairs and coffee table for you. And we will do the pre-vacuuming.

5. How long does it take for the rug to get completely dry?

Our experience shows it takes between 2 and 4 hours. But you could speed up the process by leaving your windows open for 15-20 minutes and then switching the aircon on.
It also depends if the place is a basement or over ground floor apartment.

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