One-Off Cleaning

One off Deep Cleaning Brisbane

When you need a thorough domestic clean in the Brisbane area, call 777!

We seem to clean all the time don’t we? Running the mop and vacuum over the floor, doing laundry, scrubbing toilets and showers and baths. It never ends. There are always extra things that need to be done that we never seem to get around to though and they can make all the difference to the cleanliness of your home or office. The One-off deep cleaning service is a solution that Fantastic has come up with that ticks all the boxes:

  • Cleaning of skirting boards, inside and outside of cupboards
  • Cleaning behind ovens, fridges and washing machines
  • Professional cleaning of carpets and rugs and much much more

Any clean, 777CLEAN™  there to take over.

You don’t have to be moving out for us to give your home the cleaning attention it deserves. It’s a lovely treat to have all of your homes nooks and crannies expertly cleaned by our team of specialists. We can target a room such as your kitchen or give your whole home a powerful clean, the choice is yours. If you live in Brisbane, it’s only a click or a call away to:

  • Book all kinds of home cleaning services
  • Enquire about rates and combination package discounts
  • Book an in home consultation to discuss your requirements

We clean your home or office when it suits you

This is no issue to our dedicated team of cleaning professionals. 777CLEAN™ team in Brisbane have been guaranteeing satisfied customers for close to a decade. Our seasoned technicians will work around your furniture and equipment, moving it and replacing it where necessary to ensure a thorough job is completed every time.

We love to:

  • Provide all of the cleaning services that you require
  • Advise about maintaining surfaces and materials in prime condition
  • Use Eco and human and pet friendly chemicals as well as quick dry technology to ensure your space is usable right away

If you live in Brisbane, chances are you have heard of 777CLEAN™. Call us now to experience why we are Number 1.

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