Leather Furniture Cleaning

Let’s face it. Leather furniture looks great and will last a lifetime- if it’s looked after. Being animal hide, it’s important to only use the right solutions and techniques for cleaning your leather furniture or it will quickly lose it’s durability, looks and value. 90% of the products on the market are not designed for leather or made just for general type. This way you risk wearing out leather finishes, and the outcome would be drying of the leather, or worse – cracking.


If you are lucky enough to live in in Brisbane or Brisbaneland area, the team at 777CLEAN™ have specialist technicians that take the stress out of your leather furniture cleaning tasks.
777CLEAN™s offers a safe and non-aggressive approach for leather furniture which restores its natural shine and flexibility and ensure long life of it. Choosing our certified technicians to do the job for you will save you the hassle and leave your furnishing in great condition.


I have a stain on my leather furniture.

Stains happen, it’s a part of life. If you have had a stain occur on your leather furniture, getting it removed can be tricky. There are many kinds of leather and each has their own stain removal technique. Take the guesswork out of the equation by calling the certified cleaners at 777CLEAN™ Cleaning, they have the know-how to:

  • Match stain removal technique with leather type
  • Produce flawless results
  • Advise you on protective solutions for ongoing stain repelling
  • Have you enjoying your furniture again in no time


I have a very old leather furniture item that needs cleaning.

This is one of our specialties. Antique leather is a beautiful thing and we appreciate that it requires extra special attention and care to keep it beautiful for future generations. Speak to our dedicated Customer Service team about your needs and we can:

  • Give advice on timing of cleaning, storage and repairs
  • Bring your old leather furniture back to it’s original glory
  • Protect your aging leather furniture to ensure it lasts another lifetime
  • Come to consult with you in the Greater Perth area

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