Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Not all carpet is created equally, nor are all workplaces the same. If your office, warehouse or any commercial trade building is located in Brisbane and surrounding areas, you can count on 777CLEAN™s. We work 24/7, so working around your business schedule  is not a problem. We will ensure to your companies’ flooring is spotless, deodorized, sanitized and always looking it’s best. Call our friendly customer service team today to discuss:


  • The types of carpet cleaning that we provide
  • Optimal price for the area that needs to be cleaned
  • How we can accommodate your working time frames
  • Emergency cleaning and post renovation cleaning


I need to get my workplace carpets cleaned out of hours.

Each year we at 777CLEAN™ Carpet Cleaning clean more than 1.5 million square feet of commercial flooring. We guarantee cleaning results with minimal disruption to productivity. All of our staff are professionally trained, certified, insured and use commercial equipment for peace of mind. We understand that time is money and our team of floor cleaning specialists and customer service team will work in accordance with your needs. We have a standard which consist of 8 steps:

  1. Professional assessment of the carpet type, backing, PH and relevant method to clean it.
  2. Deep Vacuuming
  3. Stain removal and special attention to the high traffic areas
  4. Pre-Spraying with a alkaline chemical in order to dissolve dirt
  5. Grooming of the carpet pile to ensure the emulsifier penetrates in the fiber and dissolves the dirt
  6. Hot Water extraction with a neutral detergent (commonly known as Steam cleaning)
  7. Post-Vacuuming which aims to clear out small particles left after steam cleaning


Cleaning Carpet in workplaces.

Workplaces are a melting pot of employees, customers and ancillary staff. It is important to ensure that the environment that is being provided to them is safe, hygienic and in good repair. As carpets can harbour moulds and mites as well as intermittently gather stains, it becomes necessary to have them regularly cleaned to fight allergies and keep them looking great. Leave that to the professional at 777CLEAN™ and call us today.

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