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Bond Cleaning in Brisbane


Moving out and need your house or apartment cleaned?

Moving is a stressful and exhausting time. Having to go back and make your ex-residence immaculately clean is usually the last thing we want to do, but without doing a good job you can miss out on having your bond returned in full.


What makes us different:

  • We care!
  • We will do the job the first time. 96% success rate in passing the inspection the first time.
  • Unique 110%-bond-back™ guarantee.
  • We work 7 days, 7am till 7pm. We believe in the hard work.
  • Emergency same-day service. We could send a team in 3 hrs.

7 reasons why us!


  • Extended 7 days guarantee period!
  • An obligation free quotation on the first call.
  • Use a trusted company with 10 years record in doing Bond Cleaning. More than 4200 properties.
  • Insured for up to 10 million
  • Service is unlimited in time. We will stay as long as needed to make sure the property is ready to be inspected.
  • Comprehensive cleaning packages tailored to match real estate check-lists
  • Ask for the team trusted by the real estate agents and building managers. Yes, they don’t even inspect our work, because they trust 777.

Need your bond returned in full?

We have one mission – your bond. We guarantee you will get 100% of your bond back. Actually, we are so sure you will get you will retrieve your deposit that we are even keen to refund you 110% of the amount you paid if you don’t. 110% bond back guarantee!

Move out cleaning is tricky one and sometimes it feels like the bond that you pay when securing a rental property is just for the PM to keep. They play such a game of hardball after your final inspection that sometimes you end up with less than half of it back.

Luck is on your side if you live in Greater Brisbane area though. 777’s end of lease cleaning service has been ensuring that renters have been returned their full bond, guaranteed for years.

Our Packages



Our Checklist

  1. Oven interior degreased. Remove racks and soak in hot water and detergent.
  2. Oven ouside, Stove top and Grill - Scubbed, decreased and wiped
  3. Range hood and Exhaust Fans - Scubbed, decreased and wiped
  4. All kitchen cupboards, drawers and shelves - cleaned inside and out
  5. Air conditioning vents cleaned
  6. Sinks - cleaned and polished
  7. Taps - cleaned and polished
  8. Disposal units - cleaned and rubbish taken away
  9. Splashbacks - wiped and polished
  10. Doors, Door frames and Door handles - Dusted, wiped, polished
  11. Walls - dusted (complete wall spot treatment is extra)
  12. Skirting boards and cornices – Dust, spot clean and Remove Grease
  13. Bench tops - wiped and polished
  14. Dishwasher - Cleaned inside and out
  15. Fans - Dusted and Wiped
  16. Light Fittings - removed and wiped
  17. Windows – Wiped and plished inside (outside is extra charge)
  18. Window sills and tracks - cleaned
  19. Light Switches and Power Plugs– Dust and Wiped, Remove Stains and spots
  20. Floors – Vacuumed and moped
  1. Basins - cleaned and polished
  2. Taps - cleaned and polished
  3. Plugs – Vanity, Plug Holes - Cleaned
  4. All drawers, cabinets and shelves - cleaned inside and out
  5. Towel Rails - wiped and polished
  6. Mirrors - wiped and polished
  7. Shower Cubical - Scrubbed and Grout cleaned, Residue cleaned and wiped
  8. Bath tub - Scrubbed and Grout cleaned, Residue cleaned and left shining
  9. Sills - wiped down shower recess scrubbed, fittings and glass cleaned
  10. Toilet - Scrubbed and disinfected, including base and behind
  11. Doors, Door frames and Door handles - Dusted, wiped, polished
  12. Skirting boards and cornices – Dust, spot clean and Remove Grease
  13. Walls - dusted (complete wall spot treatment is extra)
  14. Fans - Dusted and Wiped
  15. Light Fittings - removed and wiped
  16. Windows – Wiped and plished inside (outside is extra charge)
  17. Window sills and tracks - cleaned
  18. Air conditioning vents cleaned
  19. Light Switches and Power Plugs– Dust and Wiped, Remove Stains and spots
  20. Floors – Vacuumed, Scrubbed and Mopped. Residue removed
  1. Cobwebs removed
  2. Doors, Doorframes and Handles - Cleaned
  3. Walls - dusted (complete wall spot treatment is extra)
  4. Skirting boards and cornices – Dust, spot clean and Remove Grease
  5. Marks and Smudges – Complete wall washing is an additional cost.
  6. Blinds – Dusted (washing is extra charge)
  7. Air conditioning vents cleaned
  8. Fan - Dusted and Cleaned
  9. Porches and steps swept
  10. Light Fittings – Wiped, Dusted and Cleaned
  11. Windows – Wipe and Clean Windows, Sills and tracks
  12. Floors – Vacuumed and Mopped
  13. Light Switches and Power Plugs– Dust and Wiped, Remove Stains and spots
  14. Stairs – Vacuumed, Mopped, Swept
  1. Assessment of the carpet fibre and PH
  2.  Deep Vacuuming
  3. Stain and odour removal. Attention to the high traffic areas
  4. Pre-Spraying with a gentle non-toxic emulsifier
  5. Grooming of the carpet pile
  6. Hot Water Extraction (Steam cleaning)
  7.  Post-Vacuuming and second grooming


And since you are moving out, you would probably have to deal with the carpet and general PEST requirements as well. Majority of landlord and managing agencies require these done as part of the transition to a new tenant. Well, the good news is that we got you covered here as well. Here’s what’s on offer:


Why should I use a professional company for end of lease cleaning?

If you want your full bond back, hiring a professional company with a bond back guarantee record should be on top of your priorities list. Besides you need someone who has done this hundreds of times over, has worked with management companies and landlords and has found out exactly what they want to see and what not. Even if you feel confident you can handle the entire clean yourself, you might end up facing last minute details that crop up, missed areas or changing in other plans which will hinder you from finishing on time. Instead of spending your time in doing the clean yourself and then because of a few items be charged half the bond (this happens 70% of the times), let 777CLEAN™ take care of it and save you the hassle, so you start fresh in your new property.


100% Bond Back Guarantee. 7 days period!

Apart from being fully insured, 777CLEAN™ has one of the longest 100% bond back records in the industry. Unlike most cleaning companies which offer a 24hr guarantee, 777 will return to the property even after a week or two has passed and your real estate agent requires additional cleaning to be done, before they will release the bond.


Real Estates’ favourite

After having done more than 4000 properties, we are confident to state we know what all Managing agents want to see. Our bar is high because we work with industry’s top Real Estate agents – Ray White and Beller. We strictly follow their checklist to ensure their satisfaction. Not to mention most of our real estate agents partners trust us that much that they don’t

even inspect our job.

The reason is they know our standard and that we are consistent in terms of quality. In the beginning it was hard to abide to their standards, but after 12 years, we are confident we could return 100% of the bond back. Trust the professionals.



Chemicals and equipment we use

Ok, we want to be clear about this one. Many of our clients ask us this question. Yes, 60% of the result depends on cleaner’s skills, but the other 40% fall with the chemicals we use. We use only the top quality equipment and products to ensure best possible result and maximum of satisfaction from our customers.

And you could be sure for this one – you can’t find the product we use over the counter. We supply them from wholesalers specialising in cleaning. To be more precise the only product that we use are:

So how do we achieve such great results in returning 100% of our clients’ bonds:

Here’s how we approach each job and how train our PROs. Apart from our customer service and brand standards, we divide our service training on 5 modules.

  1. Strategy

“Top to bottom, In to out” – The cleaning process always starts from the top and goes to the down to the bottom. From ceiling to floors. This way we ensure that we clean the areas most efficiently and we do not repeat or forget areas. Dust and dirt goes down and we clean it until it gets to the floors where we vacuum and mop it. This way we complete the job quicker and we never miss items.

“1 Level at a time”. Another essential training technique is that we never start cleaning lower level until we finish all items from the current level. For instance we would not start doing any of the skirting boards until we wipe all sills on the upper level.

“Inside, out” And we also start from inside and clean to outside. Simple and efficient, that’s how we save you money by spending less time and charging for less hours.

  1. Check list, check list, check list

You know the saying “Dummies remember, clever takes notes”. Same is with the cleaning. We can’t rely on our cleaners that they will remember each of the 62 items they need to do. It’s just not realistic for any human being, and naturally there will be missed areas. So instead of training our cleaners what they have to do, we train them to strictly follow the checklist – every time. We explain them the value of it and reason it, so they understand the purpose.

There are studies and researches on the subject. One is the safe landing of a jet on Hudson river by the infamous captain Sully.

Another one is a hospital in Namibia which implemented checklist in their practice which led to a dramatic decrease in child birth deaths.

  1. Difference between clean, sparkling clean and Bond Clean

Here’s the thing. My perception for clean differs from your perception for clean. And your perception for clean differs from most of your friends. Reasons are different – how we are raised, how many times we have done it. Our sight and etc.

And this is why, no offense, but we will need to neglect your or our perception. We want to remove subjectiveness from the equation and only rely on our experience. We only care about the landlords or managers of the properties. And we perfectly know what extra they want to see on top of sparkling property. There’s a massive difference between clean, sparkling clean and Bond Clean. We do Bond Clean and we get your bond back, it is as simple as that.

  1. Commonly missed areas

In order to be even more sure we won’t miss any areas, in our training plans we stress on the commonly missed areas. This way we affirm our knowledge.

  1. Damage prevention

Imagine calling a company that not only doesn’t get your bond back, but also makes it worse by doing a damage. As a result you are charged even more. We are preventing this nightmare in two ways. For a start we are fully insured for up to 10 million, but that’s just for your piece of mind. We work on preventing those damages by training our personnel on how not to do it. Simply professionals.

By Far the best company i have used so far.

By Far the best company i have used so far. I am renting properties for 8 years now and used more than 5-6 companies. These guys are the the best. Friendly, affordable. Came on time. I didn’t expect this to be honest. Well done, guys, Respect for the hard work.

Quick, friendly and affordable.

Both Manila and Dipesh were just amazing. Did a great job with the cleaning.


1. How much does Bond Cleaning in Brisbane cost ?

Cost for bond cleaning in Brisbane will vary and depends on the size, package and condition of the property. Generally a 3 bed 2-bathroom house or unit will cost between $249 and $499.

Check our prices or just contact us


2. How long would a complete bond cleaning service take?

Best part is we will stay as long as needed to ensure the job is done and the managing agent is entirely happy with the result. If we have to name a number - it would roughly take 3 to 7 hours per home. However time for cleaning will vary and mainly depends on the size of your unit/house and its state. A single bedroom apartment can take up to 3 hours. Another variable is the checklist of the real estate agent. Good news is will abide to it.  

3. How long in advance should I book the vacate clean?

It is best to book your vacate cleaning service a week before your move out day allowing us time to organise a group of cleaners. Although if you require an urgent service that can be arranged as well.

4. When is the best time to book a End of Lease cleaning service?

It is best to book your End of Lease Cleaning service for the day before the inspection date. This way is perfect because we will not allow the dust to build up again and at the same time we still have a day if we need to re-do any areas.

5. What is the difference between a Hourly Cleaning and Bond Cleaning ?

Standard one-off hourly cleaning  is limited in time and excludes some essential areas which are mandatory for bond cleaning – Professional Oven cleaning in and out, Wall spot cleaning, Blinds cleaning. Detailed bond cleaning includes all three of them along with the checklist we provide.

6. What happens if my Landlord/Managing agent is not entirely happy with the result?

Your vacate cleaning service is covered by a 168-hour guarantee. The cleaners will re-clean all the areas, which did not meet your Landlord’s/ Managing agent’s expectations, within this time period.

7. Do I need to leave the power on?

Yes. For best results, we will require the power on so please don’t disconnect until we have performed the service.

8. Do you do Carpet Steam Cleaning and Pest Control?

Yes, absolutely. As a matter of a fact you are getting up to 40% discount on Carpet shampooing and PEST control if booked as one service. Don’t bother shopping around for other quotes and combining schedules, we can do all at a discounted rate.

9. What payment methods do you accept?

Payment may be made in cash or credit card upon completion of the service.

10. Will I receive a receipt for the service?

An invoice will be provided upon payment with detailed description of the service we did for you, so you can prove the landlord/ managing agent.

11. I am selling my house soon. Can I book your bond cleaning service in this instance?

End of Lease Cleaning service is tailored specifically to ensure the secure retrieval of a rental deposit. However, you can we have another service designed for those cases. Pre-Sale Cleaning.

12. Do I need to be at home during the service?

No. As long as you let us in or advise where we can collect they key from. We do advise, however, that you inspect the house/unit upon completion.

13. Do you work on Public holidays?

Yes. We operate seven days a week, 7am to 7pm. National holidays are no exception. No additional charges would apply. We charge the same regardless of the day or what notice you give us. Simple, easy and professional.




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