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Review for Bond Cleaning
By Far the best company i have used so far.

By Far the best company i have used so far. I am renting properties for 8 years now and used more than 5-6 companies. These guys are the the best. Friendly, affordable. Came on time. I didn’t expect this to be honest. Well done, guys, Respect for the hard work.

Review for Bond Cleaning
Quick, friendly and affordable.

Both Manila and Dipesh were just amazing. Did a great job with the cleaning.

Review for Bond Cleaning
Very wrapped with the service

I booked 777Clean at the last minute, and had a very restricted time frame for the job to be done. We took a gamble and picked them from the 100s of “bond cleaners” on Gumtree and i am so glad I did! They bent over backwards to fit in with my date & time requirements and did an excellent job throughout the house. They were patient with my inspection post clean. Very thorough – we got our bond back and even had a compliment from the Real Estate Agent. No need to call them back for touch ups. I would use them again and definitely recommend them.

Review for Bond Cleaning
Well done!

Brilliant! Would use again.

Review for Bond Cleaning
They are really experienced professionals!

A job well done. And the price was affordable.

Review for Bond Cleaning
A happy regular customer

We used 777Clean a few times already. Overall We are happy with the service. It was good they do appartments too.

Review for Carpet Cleaning Services
These guys are great!

The guys did a great job. They arrived on time (a bit early actually) and they were very friendly – explained us everything of the process so we didn’t worry any chemicals would damage our carpet.

I would defenitely recommend them.

Review for Carpet Cleaning Services
Great Job!

We have 2 dogs and 2 cats and we not only needed deep cleaning but also a solution for the odour issue. 777Clean made the carpets look brand new. We are very satisfied with the service. And they also gave us the best price.

Review for Carpet Cleaning Services
Really Happy With The Job

Stan did an awesome job! Very friendly and walked the extra mile to remove all the hair (I have 2 dogs) and stains. Highly recommend!

Review for Carpet Cleaning
Great experience!

Great experience! Booking was simple, and fees and charging was clear from the start. On site the guy was extremely friendly. My day started bad, but at the end of the day really felt relief. I would use this company again, bow down for their service. Thumbs up to them.10

Review for Carpet Cleaning
Great Job!

These guys did a thorough job, were very specific with regards to what would be covered in the quote and extremely professional in regards to additional services. They ensured the job was done correctly and took the extra time to complete it to specification.

Review for Carpet Cleaning
Excellent Carpet Cleaning Service

Mark was awesome. Did a fantastic job to my carpet. Looks fresh as new. Well done!

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