About us

Who are 777?

We are a cleaning company striving to help you save time and enjoy the freshness of your property. We do that by having an easy bookings process, same day service, smile on our faces and super affordable prices.

Our values

  1. We are not just cleaners. We are experts!
  2. We take pride in what we do and we don’t cut corners!
  3. We exceed expectations!

What we do

Yes, we are a cleaning company, but we do much more than that. We arrive on time, we give a realistic and final quote on the first call, we do a same day service, we are kind and we smile every time
If you need help cleaning your property, just book an appointment and give us a chance to serve you. 777CLEAN™  wіll send an expert in accordance with your needs. Upon arrival, our 777CLEAN™ expert will confirm all details from the booking and will start with the job.


Why we do it?

  1. Care about you. Because we believe the service level in the industry is way below the needed. We believe there is so much room for improvement. And it all starts with 3 pillars – care for you as a client, transparency in pricing and treating your property with respect. We are here to challenge the industry and prove Australians deserve a better experience
  2. Care about our PROs. We cannot expect our team to provide operational excellence if we don’t treat them with respect and pay them more than they expect.
  3. Care about nature. Because we prove it is possible to provide great standard with eco-friendly products.

In Numbers

4 220Clients served and counting
1 140Trees saved by using environmentally friendly products
1 315 000Mileage on our vehicles


12 000Square Meters of carpet cleaned

Meet our team:



Owner and Carpet PRO


Carpet PRO


Carpet PRO



Carpet PRO


Carpet PRO

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